Tuesday, July 31, 2007

T-Mobile Mobile Phone Deals

Changing its name from One2One in 2002, T-Mobile have go an extremely popular network. It now pridefulnesses itself on the web insurance offered, performing 'Streetchecks' in-store before clients purchase their mobile phones.

One of the grounds T-Mobile have go so successful could be owed to German Telecoms Giant – Deutsche Telecom who purchased the company before changing its name. Being a member of the Freemove Alliance; a grouping of four prima operators working together to develop the services and capablenesses of their technology, have got also given them a distinct advantage.

A merchandise which have aided their success is that of their web'n'walk cyberspace package, whereby users can pay a set fee of £7.50 per calendar month which is added to their mobile telephone trades and intends they have unrestricted/unlimited access to the cyberspace on their mobile.

- Flext Plan

This duty program have to be T-Mobile's biggest tool to vie with other networks. Giving flexibleness to every customer, no substance if they desire to direct textual matters or simply do calls, this duty doesn't even inquire them to pick and take – it simple gives them a hunk of recognition that they can utilize up which works similarly to having £100 on a pre-pay phone. These bundles scope in terms from £25 to £50, with allowances of between £40 and £170, dependent on the length of the contract.

The figure of duties to take from additions dramatically on their, now almost standard, 18 calendar month contracts. Their costs scope from £20 to £70 and come up with allowances of between £34 and £390 per month, dependent on the length of the contract.

- Everyone Off-peak

This duty program is meant for those users who mainly do phone calls in the eves and at weekends and isn't fixed to a specific network. Contract terms can change in price, ranging from £20 to £20, dependent on the length of the contract.

- Free Time

This duty program have been designed for those users who will do the bulk of their phone calls after 7pm in the eventide and at weekends, although they are only to landlines and others on the t-mobile network. Monthly lease scopes from £15 to £18 and come ups with up to 3000 minutes, dependent on the length of the contract.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Samsung G600 - The Multimedia Focused 3G Phone

With communicating being of import these days, the top mobile telephone makers are coming up with the best of French telephones with arresting expressions and cutting-edge features. The popular mobile telephone brand, Samsung is known for slender and skidder phones. The celebrated Samsung U-series have appealed to a batch of users with their sophisticated functionalities and array of features. The up-to-the-minute appliances of Samsung integrate great displays, incorporate sound players, WAP browser and connectivity features. All these Samsung telephones are slender and strong telephones studded with many outstanding features.

The new Samsung photographic photographic camera phone, Samsung G600 is a highly desirable style icon endowed with a 5 megapixel camera, and a host of multimedia system features. The photographic camera allows you capture, shop and black and white your front-runner moments. The photographic camera come ups with imagination characteristics like autofocus, picture record, light-emitting diode flash and an mental image editor. The 55MB of internal memory
come ups with a 1GB memory card. Other characteristics of Samsung G600 include Bluetooth, USB connectivity, MP3 player, frequency modulation radio. Specifications like Bluetooth lets fast information transportation rates. The microSD card slot supplies enough information storage space. The phone's battery is good upto 3.5 hours talktime. The French telephone also have quadruplet set GSM/GPRS/Edge connectivity. The Samsung G600 can take you by surprise with its astonishing array of characteristics that are included in a bantam case.

So if you are a tech-savvy professional, the Samsung G600 would surely appeal you. The easiest manner to purchase the Samsung G600 is through astonishing mobile telephone deals. The prima webs such as as Deoxythymidine Monophosphate Mobile River phones, Orange, T-mobile and Vodafone come up with battalion of options. The trades are designed to ran into your personal and professional needs. So dont lose out those deals. Just browse through the mind-boggling deals and do your pick after figuring out your communicating needs.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sony Ericsson Z610i - Stylish And Intuitive

Mobile telephones are like parachutes. They only work when they are opened gently and its characteristics are exploited by the users. And this is true for Sony Ericsson Z610i, a truly international 3G mobile phone, coming in a mirror finishing style with an external OLED display. This is a very stylish, intuitive set enabled to acquire a envious look from the passersby. It is a set users could exudate confidently anywhere without getting abashed with its style and high-end features. It is indeed a merchandise of the present twenty-four hours generation.

Available in the lustre black, airy blueness and rose pinkish colour, the Z610i 3G French telephone is fantastic to hold, with clamshell gap mechanism. Its distinct enlightening external silver silver screen which looks like a screen lit up when the user trip it or when a phone call is coming in or a message being delivered to it. The silver screen have a declaration of 128 x 36 pixels.

And for click-spree users, the Sony Ericsson Z610i is accomplished with a high quality 2 megapixel photographic camera complete with 2.5 digital zoom. With the digital zoom along characteristic the users have the option and the bid over its topic to acquire a near shot ensuring a clear, precise and crisp shot. Later, the users can store, save, share and upload their images with ease, absolutely without any fuss and technical harassment. It is perhaps the user's phone.

And for music partisans the telephone come ups with an incorporate music participant allowing users to have got a music human race of their ain interspersed with songs, tracks of their pick and of their likings. There is software system in the telephone which do copying or transferring music from a cadmium as easy as cutting a cake. The 3G capablenesses in the telephone convey velocity in its workings which do multitasking an usual matter at the user's end. With the RSS feeds Internet installation in the phone, the user have entree to their electronic mail business relationship and can download big electronic mail fond regards quickly and easily.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

12 Months Free Line Rental - Get Good Value For Your Money

Mobile telephones are a good medium to remain in touching with our loved 1s at anytime and anywhere. These days, the mobile telephones marketplace is flooded with assorted mobile telephone makers and web service suppliers trying to show window their trades to pull the consumers. Every now and then, a new theoretical account is launched in the marketplace with a up-to-the-minute characteristic and up-to-the-minute technology. Your front-runner dreaming appliance is now endowed with the best of characteristics like music, camera, music, radio, and games.

So you are confused by the assortment of mobile telephone trades offered online? The most popular deal, 12 calendar month free line lease states that you necessitate to subscribe up a contract and pay the specified security amount. At the end of the year, you'll acquire back the amount you have got paid. This manner you can acquire quit of paying monthly line rentals. On the top of it, you acquire inducements like free minutes, free texts, and other moneymaking gifts. With this deal, you acquire a high-end handset at an low-cost price. Assorted web service suppliers like O2, Orange, and Vodafone are competing against each other to offer you a more than moneymaking deal.

The best manner to look for a 12 calendar month free line lease is to travel online. You simply necessitate to choose a French telephone of your choice, and then look for a suitable 12 calendar month free line lease contract according to your budget and needs. This trade is becoming very popular in the mobile telephone marketplace in the United Kingdom as it come ups with numerous freebies. With so many offers, you acquire good value for your money.

Several comparing shopping portals are available online to offer you the best mobile telephone deals. Buying mobile telephones have got go easier through 12 calendar months free line leases as you acquire a broad scope of choices. Compare the battalion of trades offered and do the best pick for yourself.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nokia 6280 - Solid Style Solid Performance

If you are tired of those bantam handsets, that acquires lost in the thenar itself, or acquires hard to throw in a solid grip; then you should research the Nokia 6280. The French telephone perverts from the popular tendency of "thin is in mobile" and come ups in rather lumpy shape. It weighs 119g and measurements 46 by 100 by 21mm, and yes experiences quite good to be held in hands.

The skidder is dominated by a big silver screen on the outer facia – just like any other skidder in the market. The 240x320-pixel, 262K coloring material display, is bright and sharp, ensuring that images and pictures come up out nice and bright, and reading a textual matter would also not necessitate a squint. Nokia 6280 comes with two cameras; next to the show is the VGA photographic photographic camera for picture calling, and there is another 2 military policeman camera. The 2nd photographic camera come ups with a flash and low visible light nighttime mode. Besides, the advantage of gallery application allows you see mental images that tin then be sent as a message or even printed via Nokia's XpressPrint technology.

Along with its 2 military policeman camera, what do the Nokia 6280 a good device in the mid-range mobiles, is its Mini South Dakota slot.

The Nokia 6280 is powered by Series 40 interface. Which intends pilotage through the Menu system is extremely easy. And since the whole bundle is so intuitive, it takes just secs to drive through the Menu.

The Nokia 6280 is empowered with Double manner WCDMA/GSM. This do the French telephone quite suitable for the United Kingdom 3G networks. Plus, the device also offers the benefits of EDGE, HSCSD and good old GPRS. A full Tri-band adds more than spirit to connectivity. To provide to the rudiments of business office requirements, the Nokia 6280 comes close with an inbuilt electronic mail and a WAP 2.0.

For hilarity of multimedia, the Nokia 6280 is enabled with a nice mass media player. It can manage 3GPP, H.263 video, MPEG-4, and AMR video. And for music, the device come ups with good music player, with support for MP3/AAC/eAAC+/M4A sound tracks.

Nokia 6280 is a nice adequate telephone for people who make not run after stylish device, or hi-end handsets.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Expense Tracking Software On Mobile: Useful Thing Or Waste Of Money?

We put in to our Mobiles many utile applications like phone call recorders, achromatic lists, subjects and much more. One of voguish things this summertime is to put in on your mobile an disbursal tracker.

What is an disbursal tracker you ask? Why could I necessitate it? Answer to the first inquiry is quite easy: with disbursal trackers you maintain your private and concern disbursals in one place, so you can always see how much money you have got spent on what commodity this calendar month (week, year) and program your budget accordingly.

Answer to the 2nd inquiry is not so easy, as there are billions people who just make not track their disbursals and are doing fine. BUT: you can always better yourself, and planning your disbursals salvages money, intends do you more than than rich, more predictable and your life more stable. So it may be a nice thing to use, actually.

The necessity to utilize disbursal tracker on cell telephone or PDA is another thing to discuss. Compared to the personal computer applications, the mobile 1s have got usually less characteristics and many limitations because of the little silver screen and operating system drawbacks. Honestly, as I imagined typing in my one thousands of disbursals for the twelvemonth 2006 into the 208x176 silver screen on my Nokia 6680, it was not a good feeling.

So the sense of the mobile disbursal trackers is that they are mobile. You are carrying them always with you. And that conveys plenty of advantages that tin not be achieved with personal computer software.

First of all, you can enter the disbursal on the topographic point as you do it. So you will not pass one hr in the eventide thought on what you have got forgotten. You can track your disbursals without other determination clip for it, like during stuck in the traffic jam or waiting at the reception.

Second, when you enter 1 expense, it makes not substance that the mobile is small: in order to record an disbursal you will necessitate much less typing comparing with typing of an ordinary SMS.

Furthermore, you will not have got to take other records to a concern trip for counting your disbursals there, as your mobile you take anyway, and your foreman will be happy having a nice study that all mobile applications present to PC. Usually such as studies are already well formatted.

Finally, you really acquire a spot more organized and in entire you pass less clip for your budgeting and disbursals compared with doing it on your weekends using PC.

After some considerations I have got tried it. And I liked it. So now Iodine can state you how much money my coverage have got cost me in last three months, and how much I have spent on amusement last Lord'S Day (too much, as always).

If you make not utilize disbursal trackers at all - you still can seek it. And if you utilize only the personal computer applications there is always a opportunity to acquire also mobile ones, it will be really a new experience.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shiny looking Motorola Z3, Motorola Z3 Red

The Motorola RIZR Z3 is a fashionable and glistening looking French telephone that come ups in different colors shells i.e. black, reddish and bluish and these colors uncover sensualness in their visual aspects and activities. The Motorola RIZR Z3 Red is a smooth microscope slide gap mobile telephone which is compact and easy to handle. The skidder chemical mechanism in combination with the reddish coloured casing of the telephone be givens to pull the users at the first spell which is well supported by its brilliant multimedia system characteristics to do communicating productive in this gorgeous handset.

The listings of characteristics of the Motorola RIZR Z3 are as follows:

• Multihued screen: The Motorola RIZR Z3 come ups with a big and vivacious TFT 262k multihued silver silver screen that shows a 176 x 220 pel resolution. The users will be delighted to demo off bright and lively mobile table of contents on the big screen. The silver screen plant as a full coloring material view finder allowing users to take photographs and record pictures perfectly and precisely.

• Messaging: The Motorola RIZR Z3 come ups with multiple messaging capablenesses including textual matter messaging, enhanced messaging, multimedia system messaging and instantaneous messaging. The users can share their memories with friends and relations by sending them photos, videos, sound and textual matter using millimeters service of the phone.

• Mobile River internet: The tendency of inserting cyberspace on mobile telephone is very common in today's world. With the addition in demand, the RIZR Z3 supports WAP, XHTML and GPRS to supply mobile cyberspace to the users. The users can browsing phoneandbeyond to acquire their needed information in no time, and purchase the Motorola RIZR Z3 Red.

Friday, July 13, 2007

How To Bag Goodies Along With Your Mobile Phone Purchase

For quite some clip now, mobile telephones have got dominated human heads like no other thing have ever done so. In fact, the revolution that mobile telephones have got brought along is such, which cannot be challenged at any point of clip in the future. In fact, the personal effects are so overcoming that one wonderments what life would have got been without these radical devices. And these new coevals communicating devices certain make rate the credit. As we can see, today's mobile telephones are more than than mere communicating devices. They are also mini music systems, mobile TVs, portable gambling devices, multimedia system appliances that you can transport along and even pocket personal computing machine systems. And if that's not adequate to do your eyes bump out from their sockets, there are some alluring wages for the fans of these multi tasking devices.

The mobile telephone marketplace in the United Kingdom offers a roller-coaster drive towards the hereafter of the radio communicating industry. It is a intoxicating meeting of all the mobile telephone makers in the human race showcasing their accomplishments in the most ceremonious manner, and a proper transmission channel to offer them profitably to the users. The United Kingdom telephone marketplace offerings a assortment of mobile telephone trades like contract mobile phones, wage as you travel mobile telephones and sim free mobile phones. With their ain alone characteristics, these trades have got something for everyone. Moreover, the mobile telephones also come up with some great offerings to draw in more than consumers towards the deals. These mobile telephone offerings may be anything between a 12 calendar months free line rental, clearance deals, free French telephones and gifts, free proceedings and textual matters and cashbacks. Depending on their preferences, users gladly travel for these plans, which assure more than than just another usual deal.

Mobile telephone offerings are a adroit manner to marketplace these communicating devices in the most low-cost fashion, and the United Kingdom marketplace have done a good occupation out of it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nokia Mobile Phones - What's new has arrived in this category

One of the prima trade names in mobile phones, the Nokia mobile telephone is popular among the mainstream populace and concern people. The Nokia Mobile River Telephone is revolutionizing the tendency in mobile telephones with extended characteristics and great services. The lucidity and quality cannot be denied with a Nokia mobile telephone handset. There is also something advanced and exciting that talks in digital footing of the hereafter when it's a Nokia Mobile River Phone. Nokia Mobile River River Telephone may confront competition in the marketplace from other trade names but goes on to throw its garrison with its top quality performance, its countless characteristics and rapport and house human relationships with leading web services across the world.

The Nokia Mobile Telephone – Past, Present and Future

The company Nokia mobile telephone that began in 1968 was perfectly placed for the revolution in mobile technology. The Nokia Mobile River Telephone continued its radical mobile tendency beginning from 1992 for seven years. In the Millennium Nokia took off with the 3G and multiplayer gambling for the mobile as well as devices for MMS. The initial 3G telephone came out in 2002 and then in 2003 came the N-Gage for games and in 2005 was born the multimedia system devices under the Nokia Normality Series while in 2005 the gross sales of Nokia telephones reached one billion.

Nokia and Quality

The end of Nokia is quality to its customers. So every Nokia mobile telephone is about quality – quality in the instrument, quality in the characteristics and quality in the mobile service to its customers.

The Nokia Mobile River River Telephone and the Leading Networks

Partnering with some of the standardised and putative webs globally, the Nokia Mobile Telephone can convey you exciting offerings and contracts along with attractive and up-to-the-minute models. The nett is the topographic point for convenient association with Nokia's distributers and introduction into the top quality trades of Nokia Mobile River Phone. You can lease Nokia telephones for a time period of twelve calendar months and it is free of cost, acquire a connexion along with Nokia moral force yet necessary telephone accoutrements headsets and other accoutrements that belong strictly to the Nokia Mobile River Telephone Platter. Nokia is known to administer its best terms during stock clearance and enviable offerings that are simply irresistible. You acquire this and more than from Nokia Mobile River Phone.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Listen To Your Favourite Numbers In The Nokia N Series Mobile Phones

Music is the nutrient of the mind. It refreshes the head when you are extremely exhausted of your laborious work. Yeah! Music really works. Many of us are habitual music listeners. But we cannot always transport our music systems wherever we travel and whenever we want.

However, Nokia mobile telephones can carry through your desire for assessing good quality music whenever you experience like, especially the newly introduced Nokia Normality series mobile phones. You no longer necessitate to take the adversity of carrying your walkman or coming back place in a haste to switch over on your stereo system or MP3 player. No substance where you are, you can take your music aggregation with you.

Nokia mobile telephones were all clip front-runners right from their first launching. The recently introduced Normality series Nokia mobile telephones are quite voguish with its absorbing multimedia system features. It satiates the consumers by providing superior quality music. A single touching can fill up your ears with front-runner songs, and you can easily download paths and podcasts.

You can detect a new human race of music, transportation your CDs and even hive away up to 4GB of music with expandable memory in Nokia mobile telephones like N91. Nokia mobile telephones like the N80, N76, N90 have got stereophonic frequency modulation radiocommunication capablenesses with support for ocular radiocommunication and watercourse pictures with Real Number player. Most of the Nokia mobile telephones including N93 have inbuilt stereo system speakers.

The N93i is another brilliant Nokia mobile telephone that rates great grasp from amusement point of view. You can easily transform it to a place theatre—create your ain DVDs and slideshows of your photographs and cherish those beautiful minutes of your life. So, whenever you experience the necessity of refreshment you tin easily bring the Nokia N800 and entree web for your front-runner music and movies either sitting at place or on the go.

The model N71 is another Nokia mobile telephone that can give huge satisfaction to users who are burning music lovers. You can drag and driblet your front-runner Numbers from a compatible personal computer and experience the immeasurable joyousness of hearing to music in its incorporate digital music player, if not by switching to the frequency modulation radiocommunication of this keen Nokia mobile phone.

For decennaries Nokia have been the first pick of mobile buyers, and no uncertainty it would stay so in the close future. Nokia mobile telephones have got always been one of their kinds. In footing of engineering too they are much ahead of others in providing sophisticated mobile telephones to the techno-savvy generation with hundred percentage efficiency. The recently introduced Normality series Nokia mobile telephones will not only heighten the repute of the manufacturer, but also because of its chemical mechanism and extraordinary music characteristics it will surely elicit some great response from music lovers human race wide.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nokia N76 - N Series Goes on Diet!

'Thin is in'... and no 1 can disregard it. We have got seen Motorola doing it, Samsung flaunting it, and now Nokia seeks it with its Nokia N76 The device (which many say apes the expression of RAZR), is a slender & sensational clamshell, that sludges great magnetic attraction and class. But besides being high on manner quotient, the Nokia N76 also includes the same avant-grade functionalities of a Normality Series 3G smartphone. Key characteristics of this device being a robust Series 60 platform, and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Nokia N76 electrical fuses together multimedia system computer, engineering and design. And so, the users can bask the delectation to create, devour and connect. This is most true for music lovers. The French telephone offering particular functionalities, to guarantee there is no via media with beat generation and ecstasy. To get with, the outside of the Nokia N76 Blackhas quick-access multimedia playback buttons. Which intends the device can be operated even while it is in a closed position. Besides, there is also a volume control and Manner button on the right border of the unit. The music participant is compatible to MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ and WMA formats, and throws up to 1500 tracks. It also works well with industry criterion 3.5mm headphones. Plus, there is also the advantage of popular Window Media DRM. But the deficiency of Bluetooth stereo system really do many frown.

Imaging is also taken attention in the Nokia N76. The 2 military policeman photographic camera can be started simply by operating the dedicated speedy screen keys from outside. What more? the device also lets you to share the chinks with online communities like Flickr. And for storing more than music and flicks you can take aid of the expandable memory up to 2GB. Nokia N76 mightiness be slim, but definitely not skimp. And its other offers includes quadruplet set GSM for seamless connectivity, mini-USB mercantile establishment for connecting to and synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook, 3G capableness for fast download of data, and many useful features.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nokia N76 - All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Great things have got been told by Nokia at the launch of Nokia N76. No uncertainty that the French telephone presents an impressive images with its good expressions and multimedia system features, but there looks to be a batch of frustrating things about the device, that brands the users frown. To begin with, it looks like the interior designers of Nokia N76 were a small to tired to come up up with something more creative. That is why what we happen in the French telephone is a stopping point resemblance to RAZR and the predecessor, the Nokia N75. The French telephone also includes a superb screen, that expressions much like the LG shine. But the interior designers loose out here as well. For some unusual ground the silver screen come ups in a little dimension, and much room is left around. Since, it is not wrapped with abrasion resistant material, the silver screen is covered with fingerprints as soon as it is being used.

Thus, making the French telephone expression very soiled even when new. Moreover, the squarish designing of the French telephone do it looks very sombre. Soft contour lines and a small rounded shape, would have got made the French telephone expression much more than appealing. Another mistake in the designing is that the Nokia N76 come ups sans springtime mechanism. Which intends that the users have to utilize both its manus to open up the clamshell. For, gap with one manus do the clamshell stuck in a one-half unfastened position. But the major designing flaw in the Nokia N76 is the placement of its 3.5mm slot. The slot is located at the top border of the handset. Where on one manus this salvages its from protruding from the sides of the pocket, it presents jobs when there is an incoming call.

In lawsuit the users acquires a phone phone phone call while hearing to the track, he first demands to disconnect it, and then unfastened the French telephone to reply the call. The Nokia N76 come ups with the advantage of quick-access multimedia system playback buttons. This makes pacify the music lovers and supply them direct entree to the musical treat, but since it is located at the front, it is prostrate to automatic urgent (lest you make not maintain the computer keyboard automatically locked). Apart from designing flaw, the Nokia N76 is also not good when it come ups to photographic camera strength. The device have no GPS, no Bluetooth stereo, or incorporate IM or email.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sony Ericsson P990i - Smart Enough for Anything

Smart phones have got changed the manner 1 comprehends an ordinary mobile phone. Most among these new breed of devices works upon Symbian based operating systems, letting you set useful, merriment and powerful mathematical functions and tools. This way, one can get much more than from his smartphone by downloading applications to help one's business or leisure. The Sony Ericsson P990i is a highly eminent member among the elites of Symbian based smartphones. This human dynamo from Sony Ericsson includes within itself a broad array of mathematical functions designed to salvage time and enrich lives.

This phone come ups in a insurance premium Ag casing that exudes professionalism. The handset is very comfortable to hold and experiences solid at 150 grams. A impudent unfastened computer keyboard with numeric keys on the outside that open ups up to uncover a full QWERTY computer keyboard is one of the most distinctive characteristic of it. Easy pilotage through the bill of fare through the Phosphorus series' Jog Wheel as well as 262k coloured TFT based touchscreen salvages one a batch of time, especially those smartphones that have a slowdown time of around 1 second.

This UIQ 3.0 based smartphone is one of the strongest mobile internet tool around. In 3G networks, the Sony Ericsson P990i can accomplish download velocities of up to 384 kbps in optimal conditions. 'Slower' manners of non 3G web information connectivity is possible through class 10 GPRS technology. Mobile River internet browsing is much easier on the Opera 8.0 browser. The handset touts of almost all the up-to-the-minute connectivity tools and options like WiFi, HSCSD, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared and USB v2.0.

The Sony Ericsson P990i is loaded with all insurance premium functionalities that tin compliment a fast lifestyle. From office applications to script recognition, it is designed to stand out as a serious professional tool. The handset can tout of a 2.0 megapixel digital photographic cameras with all high end photographic camera phone characteristics like Auto-focus, digital zoom along and integrated flash. Take up 'mobile photography' as a new avocation or simply enjoy some music on the on board mass media player or frequency modulation radiocommunication – with a strong tool this, you're jump to salvage a Hell batch of time.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sony Ericsson W810i - A Mirror Image!

Last year, the Sony Ericsson W800i became the proud recipient of 'the phone of the year'. So, when the manufacturer decided to another flagship model, the entire market was ecstatic. But the new Sony Ericsson W810i soon proved to be a disappointment for many. The reason being, that the new model has nothing new to offer, it is exactly the same as its predecessor, with only slight cosmetic changes. But the changes too are not that impressive, and users feel that they could have done without it either.

Just like its predecessor, the Sony Ericsson W810i also includes good imaging prowess. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, a Xenon flash and multishoot capabilities. And to enhance the viewing pleasure, the handset comes with a 2.0" QVGA display. The Sony Ericsson K810i is a UMTS 2100 phone with tri-band GSM support, a comprehensive software suite including an email client, web browser, RSS newsreader and blogging support, expandable memory and host of useful features... but all these features of Sony Ericsson K810i replicated the older model.

And as far as cosmetic changes are concerned, the first thing that you would notice in the Sony Ericsson K810i, is the unconventional keypad. The keys are a little round button of metals, that are a little shiny as well (may be that was the manufacturers way on going with the current fashion). But the glamour does not bring a lot of smiles. For, the keypad is too small and too apart, making typing difficult.

Next in the line of change, is its slim body. The Sony Ericsson W810i comes in 5mm slimmer casing. There is also a new and improved camera cover, which comes with the device.

So, if one would like to boast about a new handset for namesake, without really compromising on the features of the older, the Sony Ericsson K810i, suffices. For the rest, they can wait for some sensible models by the year end.